Wheel of Fortune - Hollywood Slot Review

hollywood-screenshot2.jpgChoosing an online slot machine can be hard for players. There are so many different variations of the slot machine these days that a lot of players simply do not know where to start. Whether the player is new or experienced does not really come into the equation, as the choice available is still extremely large.

The first thing a player should do is look for a reputable developer; like WagerWorks. The Wheel of Fortune Hollywood has become so popular so quickly, simply because players recognize that the developers are among the best in the world.

For the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood online video slot machine, WagerWorks chose to go with an untraditional structure. Instead of developing the slot machine using a 5 reel and 25 pay lines set up, they chopped and change it to suit the game. This slot now uses a 5 reel but 5 pay lines set up. This means that whilst the chances of frequently winning are greatly decreased, when the player does win, it will be more concentrated and therefore, will be a lot more than what it would be with 25 pay lines.

WagerWorks has improved the back end of the development to ensure that users experience no problems. This means that the instant the reels stop spinning, the computer will automatically calculate the exact amount that the player has won and will credit their account with that amount.

A lot of other slot machines are extremely slow to pay out. The reason for this is that their software is by far the best. A lot of developers tend to cut corners, so their software is a lot slow and in some cases they even show signs of lag. Obviously this takes the fun out of playing and is certainly not ideal.

The Wheel of Fortune Hollywood is so good that it essentially makes players feel like they are in Vegas. They have the chance to win big every time they spin that wheel; this is certainly the atmosphere that is created. WagerWorks is a company that knows how to make a slot machine seem realistic and this is certainly a great example of their work!

The great thing about this game is that everyone has heard or watched the Wheel of Fortune on TV before. The reality is that now they can play the game for real; in the comfort of their own home. They can go through the twists and turns that players on the TV have been through, hoping for a large cash prize of their own!

The great thing about this is that the developers have incorporated a lot of features that the real game includes. The likes of the huge jackpot are what the majority of people are going for. That being said, players will have to get involved by spinning the bonus wheel in order to actually achieve this bonus.

Like many of WagerWorks creations, the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood online video slot machine has not been developed with a particular player in mind. Instead, the slot has been developed so that’s all types of players can get involved and really feel what it is like to play the Wheel of Fortune for real.

The minimum bet per line has been set at 0.01, which is great for low stakes players, or even players that are giving this slot a shot for the first time. For higher stakes players, they can bet anything up to 5.00 per line, with up to 9 credits on each of the pay lines. This creates a huge maximum bet, which means that players can really cash in on the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood slot machine

WagerWorks has incorporated a range of different things into the slot machine to make it exciting, but realistic at the same time. To start with, they have incorporated a Wild Multiplier symbol, which enables players to win much more cash than they ever imagined.

If that is not enough, then they have included both a bonus jackpot and a Wheel of Fortune bonus feature. The great thing about this bonus feature is that it has a double or nothing game play integrated for those that want to take the risk.

Wheel of Fortune Slot

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