Wheel of Fortune - Hollywood Slot Symbols

hollywood-screenshot4.jpgThe importance of symbols is certainly evident in the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood online video slot machine. Players will need to negotiate through the wheel in order to get to the many bonus rounds, but they do need some help. Luckily, the symbols are the things that will help them form some winning combinations and therefore, allow them to get to the bonus rounds.

The first important symbol is the wild multiplier symbol. This symbol comes in the form of a wild board logo. This will take the place of the majority of the other symbols to ensure that players can complete their winning combinations and win some great cash prizes.

Of course, the game would be too easy if this symbol took the place of all the symbols on the board. For this reason, this symbol will not take the place of the Bonus Jackpot symbols.

The bonus jackpot symbol is just as important as the wild multiplier symbol, but it works slightly different. In this game there are different jackpot symbols and each one has a jackpot award amount attached to it. This means, collecting the better jackpot symbols will enable the player to win much more cash than they ever imagined!

Each time the symbol lands on the reels, the player will receive the award that is attached to it. Over a long period of time, these jackpots can amount to massive prize giveaways and can help the player to walk away extremely profitable!

Wheel of Fortune Slot

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